We will provide a range of services to members to support them in achieving and maintaining high standards of

  • quality and currency of professional knowledge
  • variety and effectiveness of professional practice and
  • individual and group professional commitment.

These services are set to include

  • Electronic newsletters
  • Web site for latest professional ideas, information and services
  • Electronic discussion board for curriculum issues
  • Facebook and Twitter for updates
  • Access to ELTS and AATE conferences and publications at discounted rates

Members of ELTS can influence the nature and implementation of the English curriculum through

  • representation on curriculum consultative groups
  • direct discussions with officials of the Board of Studies regarding the views of ELTS members.

ELTS will collect the views of its members through

  • forums for members to participate in the consultation process on new syllabuses and assessment issues
  • surveys of members' views for consultation purposes
  • teleconferencing and videoconferencing to ascertain and express branch opinions and positions
  • compilation of survey responses for submission to government agencies

Based on its corporate structure, ELTS is administered by an Executive and Branch Office Bearers who work in an honorary capacity in the interests of members.